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December 21st, 2010


Item Model Number

H 20 inches
D 10.5 inches
W 13.5 inches

H 3.5 inches
D 10.5 inches
W 13.5 inches

Main Piece:
H 16.5 inches
D 8 inches
W 13.5 inches

Brief Case:
H 16.5 inches
D 2.5 inches
W 13.5 inches

TRUCO: Travel Utility Carry On, is based on 3 strategically
designed baggage pieces that become
a Full size CarryOn when stacked together.

TRUCO (Travel Utility Carry On), the first modular CarryOn in the world, designed to fit space over or under the airplaneā€™s seat. It is based on 3 strategically designed baggage pieces that become a full size CarryOn when stacked together or can be split apart to remedy the overhead space situation in airplanes and, also, to provide easy access to valuable items.

The Main Piece, designed as a small size CarryOn,
can be used as such for small trips. When used as
the main piece of TRUCO, it is recommended to
pack all belongings that are less valuable and not
needed during the flight.

The Front Piece, designed as a briefcase, clicks to the front of the Main Piece to extend the size of the CarryOn serving as perfect space for your laptop or for additional garments. As part of the TRUCO concept, it can be detached from the Main Piece to be stored away under the seat or in your overhead compartment separate from the Main Piece if there is not enough room for both to fit in the storage area.

The Top Piece, designed as a Valuable
Tote, clicks on the top of the Main Piece and
Front Piece to complete the full size Travel Utility
CarryOn, providing the traveler a perfect bag to
keep all the electronics, documents, and valuable
items on hand.

A Travel Utility CarryOn then can be custommized
for specific travel needs using any combination of its elements.

4 Responses to “Truco”

  1. Kennedy Brooks Says:

    Love my TRUC — works well for short trips and small planes, especially where plane-side baggage check is required.

    Kennedy Brooks
    Caliostoga, CA 94515

  2. Donna Vieira Says:

    Took my TRUCO on a month-long trip to New Zealand and Hawaii. It was the only piece of luggage I brought and it worked like a charm. No need to check-in. Just breezed through security and onto the aircraft. It turned quite a few heads too. Very smartly crafted and well worth every penny.

    Donna Vieira
    Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

  3. Kathleen Mclaren Says:

    Interesting that a MONTH after I posed my first comment it is still “awaiting moderation”. Looks like they don’t want to own up to anything negative (not unexpected but still deceptive since they imply all comments are posted). Anyway after promising (in an e-mail sent immediately after my comment a month ago) to replace the defective part (which I PROMPTLY sent details about) I have heard nothing further and received nothing in the mail/shipped to me. Even less impressed than the previous time I posted.

  4. Deborah Sawyer Says:

    Just used my TRUCO, for the first time, on a trip to the UK. Fantastic piece of luggage, the center suitcase component takes a surprising amount of clothing. It also sailed through security and slipped into the overhead bin without a problem. I definitely recommend this for frequent travelers, especially those who travel light and don’t want to check a bag.

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