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Change Batteries

August 9th, 2010

How to install the 2 Batteries type CR2032 Lithium Included with your Balanzza Mini

Step 1.

Open the battery cap on the underside of the unit.

Step 2.

Position the first of two batteries with the shining side up, the one which shows the type of battery.

Step 3.

Slides the second battery on top of the first one, same position of the shining face up, and make sure that both batteries are under the metal pin n the side.

Step 4.

Put the battery cap back on top and apply pressure.

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12 Responses to “Change Batteries”

  1. angela Says:

    doesn’t work.

  2. shohrab Says:


    Getting error message “out2″. may I know how to fix?


  3. Jim Austin Says:

    Doesn’t work.. I tried two different sets of brand new batteries that I tested first. Got message “lo, bye.” so the scale is worthless. It is too bad you don’t have a customer support phone.

  4. Peter Page Says:

    Worked just fine for me.

  5. Michael Says:

    Works fine. The standard supplied batteries are of low capacity. Make sure to use good quality batteries, otherwise you get a ‘lo, bye’ message.

  6. Rodrigo Batista Says:

    Bought it in Miami. It doesn’t even turn on. Already tried new batteries, with same results.

    What should I do, Balanzza?


  7. Rodrigo Batista Says:

    Me again. Just opened it… “-” wasn’t properly wired. Fixed it and it’s working fine now.

  8. Elizabeth deCastro Says:

    I purchased a Balanzza Luggage Scale a year ago; when I tried to use it on my luggage I wasn’t able to as when I pressed the first button that says “Hello” it flashes “out - 0″ and then “bye”. Could you please explain what the problem is?

  9. Karen young Says:

    The plastic battery cap plastic pieces broke and now the cap won’t stay on. How can i get replacement cap?

  10. Don Phillips Says:

    I had the same problems. I bent the 3 prongs on the bottom up, and then it worked fine

  11. wojtek Says:

    The supplied batteries did not work. I installed 2 brand new energizer 2032 batteries shiny side up ( type of battery visible) under the power bar and it worked.Make sure both batteries are under the power bar.

  12. Phil Ness Says:

    I paid for a scale that works. This has rarely worked. Two good batteries with over 3 volts each still gives “lo bye”. A nine volt battery will make it work, but it is supposed to work on six volts. Just another case of over priced junk from China.

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