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Change Batteries

August 9th, 2010

How to install the 2 Batteries type CR2032 Lithium Included with your Balanzza Mini

Step 1.

Open the battery cap on the underside of the unit.

Step 2.

Position the first of two batteries with the shining side up, the one which shows the type of battery.

Step 3.

Slides the second battery on top of the first one, same position of the shining face up, and make sure that both batteries are under the metal pin n the side.

Step 4.

Put the battery cap back on top and apply pressure.

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4 Responses to “Change Batteries”

  1. angela Says:

    doesn’t work.

  2. shohrab Says:


    Getting error message “out2″. may I know how to fix?


  3. Laurence Says:

    You have done the screws up so tight I cannot get one of them out to change the battery - so the unit is now useless!
    Can I send it back to you please so you can fix it?

  4. Marc Mitchell Says:

    My unit says Lo, eventhough I put NEW batteries in. Does this mean the unit is DONE???

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