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Weigh Your Bodybag With a Portable Scale

August 27th, 2008
By Jose Fermoso August 26, 2008 | 8:03:55 PM

When traveling, I adhere to this rule: The usefulness of a travel accessory is directly proportional to A), the number of times it is (efficiently) used and B), the level of importance to the trip. A passport is used a couple of times, but it’s key. Downy portable toilet paper? Important, my friends.

Judged by this standard, the Ergo digital luggage scale from Balanzza isn’t special. But it might prove to be useful for heavy travelers and those constantly on the move.

The scale is a handheld intended to weigh luggage, and is secured by a tough band to handle heavy loads. Unfortunately, airlines have pushed up prices based on weight, (a passenger is usually charged, on average, about $50 extra for every 50 lbs), and making weight at each stop doesn’t fit my other vacation rule: no worries.

Of course, you could always keep the packing super light like you’re supposed to, but some people are hardheaded pack rats and want to take everything with them.

I think I would use this device differently: To measure the weight of my daily backpack, which often feels heavy and overloaded. If it doesn’t fit the body max of what I should be carrying (15% of my body weight), it could force me to lighten it up. But I already have my local grocery’s meat scale for that daily weigh-in.