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July 31st, 2008

more than half say they’ve only been able to make a minimum payment on those credit cards in the past year. >>> number one, if you are one of the people trying to get out of the credit crunch, pay close attention to people that say they can help you. many companies promise to help the credit, many are representittable, past five years 7,000 complaintcredit repair services. best advice? before you go with one, check with the bbb to make sure the company is on the up and up. >>> looking to save money by using a bike and can’t afford a new one? never fear. oregon credit union is the first in the country to offer loans for bicycles. called unicyst in portland offering loans from $250 to $2,500. >>> meanwhile the airlines stacking on fees for bags, at least one company is offering a solution to consumers and trying to cash in at the same time. you can buy your very own digital luggage scale. just attach the scale by snapping the straps around the ham and pick up the bag. the scale is made by a company called bonanza and sells for in, 25. >>> families did, $25. >>> families will — $25. >>> families will be able to cool off in glendale. the most eco friendly rink in the valley, with special lighting and automated ice sensor to keep energy costs down. still keep the ice frozen. >>> meanwhile university of arizona solar racing team finished a 2400 mile race from plano, texas to, gal tear, alberto in, this car, the drifter 2.0. video from before the start of the challenge. out of 15 teams, the u of a car crossed the finish line in 11th place. the team is expected to returnbic to tucson this weekend — return back to tucson this weekend. >>> a couple minutes ago we lost communications with jay gray im- in south padre island. i remember him in hurricane katrina.

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