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About Us

August 1st, 2008

Balanzza was founded in 2007 with the introduction of the first digital luggage scale in the world. After 10 years of innovation in this category, Balanzza has positioned itself as the benchmark for digital handheld luggage scales.

We are proud to design our products from scratch, we make sure that our quality, ease of use and functionality is above average and that our products are of value to our customers.

The first Balanzza was introduce at the Travel Goods Show in 2007, since then Balanzza had been the Luggage scale to go to. We evolve every year and make our scale easy to handle, easy to use and more confortable. In 2014 Balanzza introduced the first Rechargeable Luggage Scale in the world to keep up with the usability market trend of our customers.

Balanzza had also incursion in the concept of Carry On with our unique and first ever modular Carry-on.

We strive to solve travelers problems and to save you time and money.

Thanks for trusting our brand and we look forward to many more cool and useful products and services to bring you.

Ronald Kritzler

The Company

At Balanzza we like to make great products for great consumers. Our flag ship product Balanzza, the digital luggage scale and the new Balanzza Ergo are making life easier not only for travelers, but for anybody that needs to have a portable handheld scale.

Balanzza has been welcomed by consumers and businesses looking for a better way to weigh things: luggage, hiking backpacks, sporting equipment, parcels and boxes, etc.

Balanzza is the most popular and best selling digital scale in the USA and Europe, and we are opening new markets and territories every year.

Balanzza’s manufacturing facilities allow us to provide OEM versions of our scales to customers around the globe, as well as to quickly respond to any market demands, by utilizing a full design and prototyping facility in Shanghai and two factories in China that can guaranty supply for our distributors and retailers worldwide.