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July 31st, 2008

To reduce that threat. we can restore america’s leadership in the world. i’m barack obama, and i approve this message. 27 >>> if you fly, you know very well you can pay extra if your checked bags are over the weight limit. pack smart and weigh in before you get to the airport with some newportable scales. nbc10 national correspondent bob hanson shows us. >> reporter: from carry-on to check-in, luggage is getting a lot more attention these days, not only what you pack but how heavy you pack it. >> if you don’t have the cash with you, you’re out of luck. >> reporter: today many airlines are charging you to check your bags and you’re charged even more if the bag weighs above 50 pounds. >> we travel with family and we go and hers is like 84 pounds, and then we have to repack it and take all the stuff out. >> swapping between bags and moving stuff around and putting shoes in carry-ones and everything. >> how big a hassle is that? >> it’s embarrassing more than anything else. >> reporter: how can you avoid the embarrassment on the road? a company named balanzza is offering a solution with this digital scale. >> i asked passengers to guess how much their bag weighed and tested it with our portable scale. you attach the scale by snapping straps around the handle and then picking up the bag. it beeps when it has the weight. >> 33.5. you were right on the money. >> you guessed what? >> 30. 34.4. right on the money. >> reporter: we also tested the mini scale with the airline scales and it seemed to be just as accurate. >> that’s a pretty good idea. >> it would be good to know if you’re over or whatever. especially when you have multiple bags. >> reporter: the portable scale sells for about $25, the same amount you’d probably pay if your checked bag came in overweight. >> that was bob hanson reporting. where do you find the scales? the company mentioned in the story is balanza. there’s several others online. for a complete list go to the “all that and more” section of nbc10 and look under the more stories section. nbc10 news at 6:00 is coming up next. >>> next at 6:00, a witness to a tragic twist of fate. a tree suddenly comes crashing down on a kayaker while he’s out on the water. tonight we hear from a man who was there when it happened. >>> caught on camera using a murdered man’s credit card an hour after the killing. here is video police are asking you to take a close look at tonight. we vel have these stories and much more coming up next on nbc10 news at 6:00.