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Tech weekend: Carry-on bag splits into 3

February 5th, 2011

USA TODAY - Feb 05, 2011 - Carrying more than two bags on a plane requires some ingenuity. Sometimes you can stuff a purse into a backpack or tuck a laptop into an overnight bag. This works fine until you try to cram your overstuffed bags into an overhead bin.

One possible solution is the Balanzza Truco, a three-in-one carry-on that can be taken apart as needed. Designed as a small carry-on bag, a laptop bag and a tote bag, the three pieces can be snapped together to get you onto the plane. Then, when it’s time to fit things into the overhead bin or under your seat, the items can be taken apart as needed. The Truco, which is short for Travel Utility Carry On, costs about $200.

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